Thursday, September 1, 2011

Staff Pick: Secret Avengers #16

Genius physicist Hank McCoy discovers the existence of a secret city a mile beneath Cincinatti after detecting stray radiation from one of Doctor Doom's time-travel devices... and something like that in the wrong hands could be the worst kind of WMD imaginable. McCoy, Black Widow, Moon Knight and Steve Rogers suit up and head underground to a wierd forgotten subterranean metropolis to find out just who is messing around down there, why they have a time machine, and exactly what the Secret Avengers need to do to put them down.

Best-selling writer Warren Ellis and artist Jamie McKelvie combine forces to take on the monthly storytelling duties for Steve Rogers and his black ops team... and it's every bit as fantastic as you'd think it would be! Secret Avengers #16 is on sale now @ Curious Comics!

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