Saturday, October 1, 2011

Sailor V Volume One

Minako Aino is a happy, well-adjusted 13-year old middle school student in Tokyo -- whose calm and normal life is altered forever after her encounter with a mysterious white cat. Introducing himself as Artemis, this wise talking cat with a strange crescent-moon-shaped mark on his forehead will show Minako how to release the incredible power hidden within her -- allowing her to transform into the powerful defender of truth and justice, Sailor V!

Before Usagi Tsukino... before Luna... before Tuxedo Mask! Never before released to English readers, Sailor V -- the prequel to the phenomenally successful anime & manga series Sailor Moon -- delivers the long-demanded 'missing chapters' of the early adventures of Sailor Venus, the first Sailor Scout.

Sailor V Volume One and Sailor Moon Volume One are both available now at Curious Comics!

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