Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Marvel Point One

Nova faces the most destructive force in the universe as a mysterious team breaks into the Watcher's fortress on the moon. Kaine faces a turning point in his crazy life, even as Doctor Strange begins to pick up the pieces of his own. Glimpses of the future offer visions of a world dominated by mutants, and a terrifying post-apocalyptic world crushed beneath the adamantium heel of Ultron.

Seven stories -- seven blockbuster creative teams -- seven turning points in the Marvel Universe that you cannot afford to miss! Marvel Point One is the kick-off for some of the biggest stories of 2012!

Even better, you can get your hands on this keystone issue at a huge discount! The regular price is $5.99 US but if you pick it up at Curious Comics from Nov 9-15 it is only $2.99 CDN for the regular cover and $3.99 for the variant!

Marvel Point One goes on sale tomorrow at Curious Comics!

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