Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Captain America #5 & #6

Prepare for a double dose of two-fisted star-spangled adventure! In the conclusion of the first story arc of the new series, Captain America and his closest allies must face down one of their own number -- a trusted friend turned deadly enemy who has returned with revenge on his mind and an audacious plan to bring the United States to its knees! Then, if Cap, Sharon, Fury and the gang manage to survive all that, they'll have to stare down a whole new bucket of problems as Hydra returns from the ashes to threaten the world once again!

Ed Brubaker, Steve McNiven and Alan Davis are pulling out all the stops to deliver some of the best Captain America stories in years! Don't be left behind -- get on board as Captain America #5 & #6 hit the shelves at Curious Comics this Thursday December 29!

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