Friday, December 9, 2011

Last Day to Save Curious Comics!

Some lousy space-creep has made it on to the USS Curious Comics, and is heading for your beloved commander-in-chief with a phaser set to Disintegrify! The only thing standing between your fellow crew members and total coolness deprivation... is you!

Would you jump in front of a phaser blast to save Curious Comics from annihilation? Then you better get cracking, because today is your last chance to enter the Be A Redshirt Contest from Star Trek & IDW! To enter, just e-mail your explanation in 300 words or less about why you would make the ultimate sacrifice for your favourite retailer to IDW at with the subject: Save My Retailer by the end of today -- Friday, December 9.

The winning fan and their retailer will be depicted on a limited-edition variant cover of the Star Trek ongoing series. This special cover will be limited to only 300 copies: 100 each to the winning fan and their retailer, plus 100 to CBLDF to help them continue the important and challenging work of defending retailers everywhere. The winning fan will also receive the original art by the Sharp Brothers!

Get typing, crewman... we're all depending on you!

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