Monday, January 9, 2012

Batgirl #5

From the sudden, cruel end of her caped crimefighting career at the hands of the Joker to earning a new place of prominence among the protectors of Gotham City as the indispensible Oracle, Barbara Gordon has been through a lot over the years... and now she has come full circle, patrolling the streets as Batgirl once again as part of DC's New 52.

Yet Barbara's return to spandex adventuring hasn't been an easy one. She has already faced down the vicious Mirror and crossed paths with Nightwing, but the restored Batgirl is headed for a collision with a strange new villain -- not to mention an emotionally charged encounter with one of the most important people from her past.

If you missed the boat on the first chapter for one of the New 52's brightest stars, here's your chance to jump on board with the beginning of a new story arc! Look for Batgirl #5 on the shelves at Curious Comics this coming Wednesday January 11!

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