Saturday, January 28, 2012

Magic the Gathering #1

Dack Fayden is a Planeswalker -- a powerful class of being who can command magical spells, artifacts and creatures of all kinds, gathered from the furthest reaches of reality. Dack is also a man on a mission, searching for those responsible for the destruction of his home. From the deepest oceans to the tallest mountains, from the most verdant forests to the blackest swamps, his quest has taken him across the Multiverse and shown him both horror and wonder... but not even an experienced Planeswalker like Dack could have anticipated where his latest adventure would take him!

Magic the Gathering is the original collectible card game -- delivering innovative gameplay, top-quality fantasy art, and groundbreaking tournament support to players all over the world... and now this best-selling phenomenon is coming to claim space on the top of your comic book reading pile. Don't miss out -- make sure you reserve your copy of Magic the Gathering #1 before it hits the stands at Curious Comics this coming Wednesday February 1!

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