Sunday, January 8, 2012

Scarlet Spider #1

Kaine has been through a lot over the years. From his confused early days as the Jackal's first flawed attempt at cloning Peter Parker to his recent trial under the thumb of the Spider Queen, he has found himself branded a monster and a villain... but now he has a chance to forge a new path for himself. He has all the powers of Spider-Man... he has one of Peter's experimental costumes... and he is on his own in the corrupt and crime-ridden city of Houston. Get ready, Marvel fans -- an all-new wall-crawler is about to hit the streets!

Catch the next chapter in the strange story of Kaine as Scarlet Spider #1 hits Curious Comics this coming Wednesday January 11!


Unknown said...

This whole reveal as Kaine ruins the surprise of the first issues.

Curious Comics said...

I kind of wish they had kept the identity of the new Scarlet Spider a secret too, but Marvel really let the cat out of the bag with last fall's Point One special.

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