Monday, January 30, 2012

The Secret World of Arrietty Volume One

They hide in the shadows... under the floorboards... in the attic... between the flowers in your garden. They are tiny, inventive, shy and peaceful. They take only what they need, what has been discarded or would never be noticed by their hosts -- and above all, they must never allow themselves to be seen by the big people... by human beings.

Arrietty's family has made its living in the corners and cupboards of a rural human family house for ages, staying safely out of sight even as they forge a small home for themselves in the crawlspace beneath the floor. But when a chance encounter brings Arrietty into contact with a young visitor at the house, everything her family has struggled to build is suddenly at risk -- and Arrietty is about to learn the full reason behind the rule that demands her kind remain hidden!

Adapted from the blockbuster hit animated film from genius filmmaker Hayao Miyazaki -- which was in turn adapted from the beloved Borrowers series of novels by Mary Norton -- The Secret World of Arrietty Film Comic offers a glimpse of a universe of adventure for readers of all ages... hiding all around you! Look for The Secret World of Arrietty Film Comic Volume One at Curious Comics this Wednesday February 1!

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