Thursday, February 16, 2012

Amazing Spider-Man #679.1

Since losing his job at the Daily Bugle, Peter Parker has made a new home for himself among the brilliant scientists who work at the Horizon Labs think tank. Decent pay, a little creative freedom and all the science toys he could ask for -- what's not to like? Yet there is a secret hidden among his co-workers that not even Peter could have anticipated. Concealed in a special laboratory known only as Lab Six is a dangerous genius -- one who is already very familiar with a certain web-headed wall-crawler, and been at odds with him many times in the past. One thing is for sure... when the secret hidden in the heart of Horizon Labs finally blows wide open, it will take the sinister project locked away in Lab Six along with it -- and the damage control will be up to Spider-Man!

The perfect jumping-on point for new readers, Amazing Spider-Man #679.1 is available now at Curious Comics!

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