Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Daredevil #9

Matt Murdock certainly has his hands full these days. He has escaped intact from a close scrape with the Black Cat, and he has emerged as the custodian of a mysterious artifact that has driven the five most powerful crime families in the city to the brink of war. But the sudden disappearance of his father's buried casket has Daredevil tackling this fresh mystery with all the resources at his command. Why are the subterranean Moloids raiding the cemeteries of the surface world, and how does it fit in with the Mole Man's latest plot against mankind? More importantly, can Daredevil stop them before they go too far?

Mark Waid and Paolo Rivera continue their stellar run on the new Daredevil, delivering enough daring plot twists and startling surprises to make sure that this book always lands on the top of your reading pile. Ask a Curious Comics staff member how you can reserve your copy of Daredevil #9 before it hits the shelves on Wednesday February 15!

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