Sunday, February 19, 2012

Marvel Select Green Goblin Action Figure

Peter Parker has faced some powerful opposition in his career as a web-headed wall-crawler... but none more dangerous than the maniacal Norman Osborn and his gleefully fiendish alter-ego, the Green Goblin. Norman Osborn may have put away the pumkin-bombs and the Goblin Glider in recent years... but the grinning, green-faced goon is never very far away from the action. Hiding inside Osborn's head and constantly egging him on to commit more and more horrible misdeeds, the Green Goblin holds more power over his alter-ego than ever!

Now you can add the Green Goblin to your bookshelf, immortalized in plastic courtesy of the talented folks at Marvel Select. Featuring 16 points of articulation and a display base consisting of a classic Goblin Glider wrapped in smoke, this is one figure no self-respecting Marvel collector can do without! Look for the Marvel Select Green Goblin Action Figure at Curious Comics on Wednesday February 22!

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