Sunday, February 12, 2012

Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man Volume One

Spins a web? Any size! Catches thieves? Just like flies! But this new wall-crawling crimefighter isn't like any Spider-Man you've seen before. In the wake of Peter Parker's tragic death defending his friends and family from Norman Osborn and his cadre of super-powered maniacs, New York barely has time to come to terms with the loss before sightings of an entirely new Spider-Man begin. Who is he? How did he get his amazing powers? What inspired him to follow in Peter Parker's footsteps and take up the mantle of Spider-Man? Discover the answers to all of these questions in the first collection for the new Ultimate Spider-Man -- bringing together his first appearance in Ultimate Comics: Fallout #4 and his untold origin in Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man #1-5.

Look for the Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man Volume One Hardcover Collection, on sale Wednesday February 15 at Curious Comics!

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