Sunday, March 18, 2012

Amazing Spider-Man #682

Otto Octavius is not the man he once was. Worn down by years spent on the run and frequent losses in his confrontations with super-heroes, his body is giving out... but Otto is not ready to give up the ghost just yet. Augmenting himself with even more cyborg technology, he has added additional robotic arms to his frame and connected his mind to an army of semi-autonomous Octobots. He has ramped up his criminal activities, and now commands a virtual army of super-villains. Now, the preparations have been made... the pieces are in place... and the final stage in the most ambitious plot of his life is about to begin. Whatever else happens, one thing is certain: the world will never forget the name of Otto Octavius -- the one and only Doctor Octopus!

Don't miss the beginning of The Ends of the Earth -- a Doctor Octopus epic years in the making, and one of the greatest challenges your friendly neighbourhood wall-crawler will ever face -- when Amazing Spider-Man #682 goes on sale Wednesday March 21 at Curious Comics!

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