Thursday, March 29, 2012

Avengers vs X-Men #0

After a long absence, Wanda Maximoff -- better known to the world as the Scarlet Witch -- has returned to the Avengers, doing her best to fit the pieces of her shattered life back together and make amends after the terrible events surrounding the decimation of mutantkind. Hope Summers, the first mutant born after M-Day, has her own reasons for feeling uncertain about her path in life -- including a series of apocalyptic premonitions and a sinister presence calling to her from the depths of space. They may not yet realize it, but the woman who nearly erased mutants from the face of the Earth and the girl who may be the next host for the most destructive force in the universe are on a collision course -- one that will bring two legendary teams of super-heroes to the brink of war!

Don't miss a minute of the first big comic event of 2012 -- look for Avengers Vs X-Men #0 at Curious Comics today!

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