Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Is This a Zombie? Volume One

Things seemed to be going pretty well for average teenager Ayumu Aikawa... right up until a homicidal maniac killed him, that is. Things got really bizarre after that, especially when a necromancer reanimated his corpse and brought him back from the dead. But before he could even begin to come to terms with his new post-living existence as a zombie, he accidentally swiped the powers, frilly dress and pink chainsaw of a magical girl. Throw in a vampire ninja and a few menacing demons and -- well, you probably get the idea. How can a zombie possibly be expected to solve the mystery behind his own death with all of these insane distractions?

The screwball comedy manga Kore Wa Zombie Desu-Ka? comes to English audiences this week when the first volume of Is This a Zombie? hits the shelves on Wednesday March 21 at Curious Comics!

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