Monday, March 12, 2012

MonsterMen & Other Scary Stories

Himalayan snowmen... squid pirates... the skulls of necromancers... fat flying demons... in the strange black & white days of the 1930s you never know what kind of menacing creeps might be waiting around the corner. It's times like these that need the bravery of wealthy movie mogul Lawrence St George and his good friend Benedict, dashing five hundred year veteran of the Order of the Corpus Monstrum -- otherwise known as the fearless MonsterMen!

Originally a backup strip for horror classic Hellboy, Gary Gianni's wonderfully weird and macabre stories take center stage here with a handsome new hardcover collecting all of the unforgettable adventures of the Corpus Monstrum... in addition to a selection of other sinister rarities! Look for Gary Gianni's MonsterMen & Other Scary Stories at Curious Comics on Wednesday March 14!

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