Monday, March 26, 2012

Pokemon The Movie: White - Victini & Zekrom

Traveling Pokemon Trainers Ash, Iris and Cilan arrive in Eindoak just in time to catch the town's harvest festival... and the Pokemon Tournament that goes along with it. But this is no ordinary competition -- the legendary Pokemon Victini is raising the stakes, looking to share its incredible power with the winner of the event. And not all Pokemon Trainers are as kind-hearted as Ash and his friends...! Who is Damon, and why does he want Victini so badly? The future of the land depends upon who wins this Pokemon Tournament!

The latest Pokemon movie adventure comes to your graphic novel shelf with Pokemon The Movie: White - Victini & Zekrom, on sale this coming Wednesday at Curious Comics! You couldn't ask for a more perfect book to read while you're waiting for our next Saturday afternoon Pokemon League at Curious Comics Langford. :)

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