Saturday, March 24, 2012

Sailor Moon Volume 4

In her role as Sailor Moon, magical guardian of peace and justice, Tokyo teenager Usagi Tsukino has faced more than her fair share of mortal danger... but now, as attacks by mysterious new enemies leave the Sailor Scouts reeling, Usagi faces the most daunting challenge of her life. Who is behind the sinister group known as the Black Moon, and what is the nature of the powerful Malefic Black Crystal they possess? To find the answers and save her friends, Usagi begins a journey that will take her one thousand years into the future... where she will discover a startling truth about her own destiny!

Kodansha's faithful new translation of the adored manga classic Sailor Moon continues to charge up the bestseller charts, offering English audiences the epic story of the Sailor Scouts -- complete and as it was originally intended -- for the first time. Look for Sailor Moon Volume 4 and the rest of the new Sailor Moon series of graphic novels (including the two-volume companion series Codename: Sailor V) at your local Curious Comics!

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