Thursday, March 1, 2012

Ultimate Comics: Ultimates #7

Reed Richards has returned -- but he is hardly the heroic young genius he used to be. At the head of the Children of Tomorrow, his return means nothing less than the extinction of humanity. Desperate to prevent an apocalypse, short on manpower and out of options, Nick Fury turns to the strange newborn superhumans of the recently formed Republic of Tian... but can he find the allies he's looking for among those who call themselves the Celestials of Xorn and the Eternals of Zorn?

Jonathan Hickman keeps the plot twists coming fast and furious as he continues to turn Marvel's Ultimate Universe upside down! Look for Ultimate Comics: Ultimates #7 -- running parallel with the story in this week's Ultimate Comics: X-Men #6 -- on the shelf now at Curious Comics!

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