Friday, March 30, 2012

Ultimate Comics: Ultimates #8

He was a nightmare born of a decades-long attempt to replicate the Super Solider serum and the desperation of a scientist driven to extremes by jealousy and anger... and in an instant, the Hulk was born. He was the first threat the Ultimates ever assembled to face, and his muddled history is still a dark cloud hanging over their team. As the Ultimates struggle to maintain order as the Children of Tomorrow, the Celestials of Xorn, the Eternals of Zorn, and the US Government all maneuver for positions of power, the last thing they need is a wild card like the Hulk running around... but that's exactly what they've got!

Marvel's Ultimate version of the Avengers continues to turn out some of the best stories in their history, as writer Jonathan Hickman keeps up the pace and breaks all the rules! Look for Ultimate Comics: Ultimates #8 on the New Arrivals shelf at your local Curious Comics! And while you're there, consider taking advantage of the current sale on graphic novels -- 20% off might help a few Ultimates collections squeeze into your budget!

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