Tuesday, March 13, 2012

X-Men: Season One

A generation of young people gifted with extraordinary powers. A fearful, mistrusting public growing increasingly hostile toward these mutants with every passing day. A talented psychic with a dream of reaching a peaceful understanding between the two factions... and his former friend turned greatest enemy, who is determined to exterminate those without gifts before they can muster the will to wipe mutants from the face of the Earth. You may think you know the story -- but this is just the beginning!

These are the earliest days of the X-Men, re-imagined and reborn in the newest Season One hardcover from Marvel. Focused, fast-paced and accessible to new readers, the Season One line delivers original graphic novels featuring updated stories starring some of the most popular super-hero characters on paper. Look for X-Men: Season One Hardcover Graphic Novel when it arrives at Curious Comics on Wednesday March 14!

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