Monday, April 30, 2012

Avengers VS X-Men #3

One of the most apocalyptic forces for destruction in the universe is bearing down on Earth... and two of the most powerful super-teams on the planet find themselves at each others' throats over what to do about it! As the Phoenix Force approaches our solar system, the Uncanny X-Men and the Avengers have fallen into war over how to respond. With time running out and chaos spreading in the Savage Land, Wakanda, Tabula Rasa and across the globe, the last hope for the world may lie with the last person anyone expects!

The Marvel event of 2012 maintains its destructive course as Avengers VS X-Men #3 hits the shelves at Curious Comics this coming Wednesday May 2! Ask a friendly staff member how you can reserve your copy before they're all snapped up!

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