Sunday, April 29, 2012

FCBD Spotlight: Bongo Comics

Free Comic Book Day is coming! Mark the 5th of May on your calendar... set your alarm clocks... book the day off work... do whatever it takes to make sure you don't miss out on all the Free Comic Book Day fun! Here's a quick look at just one of the many titles coming to Curious Comics at this year's FCBD:

Sit down with Homer, Barney, Lenny and Carl as they kick back in Moe's Tavern to recall their daring adventures and death-defying exploits with the Springfield Bear Patrol! Grab your snorkel and your water-wings and head beneath the waves to experience Spongebob's newly discovered way to irritate Squidward! Then, if you have any energy left, laugh yourself silly as Sergio Aragones and James Kochalka fire off a series of gags to round out what may well be the funniest free comic you'll ever read!

Look for Bongo Comics and many other great comics waiting for you at Curious Comics Victoria, Langford or Nanaimo on May 5th 2012 -- this year's Free Comic Book Day!

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