Sunday, April 8, 2012

Magic Knight Rayearth Omnibus Edition Volume 2

Umi, Hikaru and Fuu were three ordinary Tokyo schoolgirls who were transported to the mystical world of Cefiro by the power of Princess Emeraude. There, prophecy indicated that they were the three Magic Knights of legend, destined to save this realm. In their struggle to defend Cefiro they had many adventures, faced many difficult decisions, and suffered haunting losses... but they were returned to Earth with evil Zagato still at large, and the war unfinished. Now, as these three Magic Knights prepare to return to Cefiro once more, they are determined to fulfill their destiny and end the terrible conflict on Cefiro -- once and for all!

CLAMP's best-selling manga series Magic Knight Rayearth returns in an oversized budged edition, offering up more than 600 pages of classic magical girl adventure at a wallet-friendly price. Look for Magic Knight Rayearth Omnibus Edition Volume 2 when it goes on sale this coming Wednesday at Curious Comics!

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