Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Secret Service #1

Hopeless street punk Jake is faced with a stark choice: continue along his current path of crime and desperation leading him toward an unpleasant end in the gutter, or follow the instruction of his uncle as he tries to hone Jake's violent tendencies and get him accepted into the ranks of the British Secret Service. As Jake tries to make it through his uncle's training program, they will face the murder of an entire town in middle America, a dark secret hidden inside Mount Everest, and the kidnapping of Mark Hamill. Yes, that Mark Hamill!

How much talent can a single comic book series contain? We're about to find out ! Look for Secret Service #1 -- written by Mark Millar, illustrated by Dave Gibbons, and co-conceived by Matthew Vaughn -- on sale tomorrow at Curious Comics!

Suggested for Mature Readers.

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