Thursday, May 17, 2012

Avengers #26

The Phoenix Force is headed for Earth, preparing to assume a new physical incarnation by fusing with its intended host, young mutant Hope Summers... but the Supreme Intelligence of the Kree Empire has other ideas. The Kree have already suffered greatly at the hands of the Phoenix, and they have no intention of allowing themselves to be exposed to its wrath yet again. To defend the Empire, the Supreme Intelligence has ordered Kree soldier Noh-Varr -- also known as the powerful and trusted Avenger, Protector -- to intercept and contain the Phoenix force... no matter who might get in his way!

Legendary comics illustrator Walt Simonson joins Brian Michael Bendis to deliver this mind-blowing turning point in the Avengers Vs X-Men saga! Don't miss Avengers #26, on sale now at Curious Comics!

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