Monday, May 14, 2012

Batman Bat Signal Kit

Holy call for help, Batman! Atomic batteries to power... turbines to speed! The good citizens of Gotham City know that with the Bat-Signal on hand at Police Headquarters, the Caped Crusader is never very far away... just as the kooky crooks who plague that town know that a glimpse of the Bat-Signal in the sky means they might as well save themselves the trouble, lay off Henchmen One through Three and get themselves measured for an Arkham Asylum jumpsuit. 

Now you can scare the guano out of costumed criminals yourself with your very own replica of this iconic device! Packaged with a 48-page book bursting with Bat-History, look for this working desktop model of the world-famous Bat-Signal -- capable of lighting up and casting the Bat-Symbol on any nearby wall, ceiling, skyscraper or particularly dense and low-flying cloud -- when it goes on sale on Wednesday May 16 at Curious Comics!

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