Sunday, June 10, 2012

Spider-Men #1

On the trail of one of him most deadly adversaries, Peter Parker -- the Amazing Spider-Man -- finds himself cast across realities and set adrift in a parallel world. Here, Peter Parker is dead, killed by this world's Green Goblin... Gwen Stacy is alive and living with Aunt May... and a strange and unfamiliar Spider-Man is swinging around the concrete canyons of New York City! Who is Miles Morales, and how did he become this universe's new wall-crawler? More importantly, will two Spider-Men working together be enough to save two worlds?

The first unmissable crossover between the Marvel Universe and the Ultimate Universe is almost here! Don't be left out -- make sure you add your copy of Spider-Men #1 to your subscription list before it hits the shelves at Curious Comics on Wednesday June 13!

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