Saturday, June 30, 2012

X-Men: Schism TP

For years, the relationship between the disciplined leader of the X-Men and its most volatile team member has been strained... but now, as the independent mutant nation of Utopia faces its darkest hour, the long-standing grudge between Cyclops and Wolverine has boiled over into all-out war. These two heroes have weathered deranged super-villains, reality-warping threats and the near-extinction of their species... but can they survive each other?

This is the story that remade the Children of the Atom, splitting the team in two and giving the embattled X-Men a new way forward into the 21st century! Don't miss out on your chance to put this watershed moment in Marvel history on your bookshelf -- grab your copy of X-Men: Schism TP at Curious Comics today!

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