Monday, July 2, 2012

Bleach Volumes 42 & 43

Karakura Town has become a battlefield -- with the most experienced and capable Soul Reaper Captains on one side, and the traitor Sosuke Aizen and his powerful Hollow allies on the other. Desperate to find a way of countering their opponents' terrifying abilities, the Soul Reapers throw everything they've got against Aizen... but as the fighting reaches a fever pitch and the tide seems to turn against them, our heroes may be forced to admit that all hope of defeating Aizen and the Espadas may finally be lost...!

Get yourself another double dose of supernatural adventure as the battle for Karakura Town hurtles toward its mind-blowing conclusion! Look for Bleach Volumes 42 & 43 when they go on sale Wednesday July 4 at Curious Comics!

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