Monday, July 30, 2012

The First X-Men #1

Before the Phoenix... before the Sentinels... before Charles Xavier came to Weschester to found his famous school... they were the original X-Men! When Logan is approached by an old war buddy to track down his missing son, he's warned to expect something out of the ordinary... and the sudden manifestation of the kid's destructive super-powers definitely qualifies! But with the government snatching up mutants as quickly as they appear, can Logan help the kid get his startling new abilities under control before it's too late?

Comics legend Neal Adams casts a little light on the secret history of the mutants who would one day become the Uncanny X-Men! Don't miss out on this slice of Marvel history -- look for The First X-Men #1 when it hits the shelves at Curious Comics this coming Wednesday August 1!

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