Saturday, September 22, 2012

Curious Comics Digital Store

Many years ago, Al Gore invented a series of connected tubes -- and the internet was born! You may think this fancy contraption is just good for talking about all the crazy stuff Chuck Norris can do with his beard or watching dogs skateboard on YouTube... but all that is about to change. Now you can enjoy the full potential of this amazing futuristic doohickey as Curious Comics proudly offers digitized comics delivered straight to your computer and mobile device of choice!

Featuring some of the best-selling comic books and graphic novels on the planet, the brand-new Curious Comics Digital Store offers a host of your favourite titles from Image Comics, IDW, Archie Comics, Boom Studios and many more (with even more publishers on the way)! Now you can take advantage of the convenience of digital comics while still supporting your local store as we do our best to continue to serve you in the 21st century.

Visit the Curious Comics Digital Store today and see what this wonderful world of the future has to offer!

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