Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Keep Calm and Hail Megatron T-Shirt

When the Decepticons finally invade Earth and enslave humanity, they'll have their work cut out for them figuring out which humans they can trust to be their loyal slaves and which ones might side with those do-gooding Autobots... but with this awesome new t-shirt, you can make it easy for Megatron and his robotic cronies by declaring your allegiance before they even get here! Just make sure you're wearing your new Keep Calm and Hail Megatron T-Shirt when the metal monstrosities make their move, and everything is bound to turn out all right!

Hot on the heels of last week's Megatron for Overlord T-Shirt comes a new Decepticon-style spin on the classic Keep Calm and Carry On wartime poster! Look for the Keep Calm and Hail Megatron T-Shirt when it goes on sale tomorrow at Curious Comics!

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