Saturday, October 20, 2012

Curious Comics Digital Store Hallowe'en Pick: Rachel Rising #1

The brand new Curious Comics Digital Store is up and running! Offering a huge selection of comics and graphic novels from some of the top publishers on the planet (with even more on the way), the Curious Comics Digital Store is the easiest way to build up an awesome new virtual library for your computer and mobile devices. Sign up, check out a couple of free comics and see what it's all about!

Yesterday, Rachel Beck was murdered... and today, she crawled out of her own freshly dug grave. Now she must discover who brought her back from the dead... and why, and how... as well as figure out who killed her in the first place! From writer/artist Terry Moore comes Rachel Rising #1 -- the beginning of the most unusual zombie story you've ever read -- available now on the Curious Comics Digital Store for just $0.99! 

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