Friday, October 12, 2012

Marvel NOW Posters

Agitated by acres of abandoned areas afflicting your apartment? Distracted by a depressing dearth of decoration in your domicile? Or maybe you're just tired of all the blank walls at home? Then fear not, True Believer -- here comes an unstoppable team of mighty Marvel NOW Posters to banish the blandness of your bullpen!

Featuring some of the most iconic images from the covers of the blockbuster Marvel NOW relaunch, these brand new posters are the easiest way to take your personal surroundings from 'meh' to Marvelous! Look for posters featuring the Uncanny Avengers by John Cassaday, X-Men Legacy by Mark Brooks, Deadpool by Geoff Darrow, Avengers Assemble by Steve McNiven and the All-New X-Men by Stuart Immonen -- in addition to a wide selection of other posters, prints and cardboard standees from your favourite comics, TV series and movies -- on sale now at Curious Comics!

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