Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Masters of the Universe: The Origin of Skeletor #1

The secrets of one of the creepiest villains of all time are about to be revealed! The death-faced maniac known as Skeletor has terrorized the people of Eternia for years -- but we know almost nothing about the history of He-Man's most brutal opponent. Where did he come from? What drives his determination to topple the Royal Court and claim Castle Greyskull? And does he really sound like Alan Oppenheimer, or has he got more of a Frank Langella thing going?

Find all the answers for yourself when Skeletor's past is revealed in Masters of the Universe: The Origin of Skeletor #1, on sale tomorrow at Curious Comics!

PLUS! Don't forget, tomorrow's the day to come into your local Curious Comics and grab some free Hallowe'en goodies!

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