Monday, October 22, 2012

Talon #1

For centuries, the ancient organization known as the Court of Owls has employed a hugely successful combination of money, power, total secrecy and merciless force -- applied through their highly trained army of assassins known as Talons -- to control everything within Gotham City. Now, in the aftermath of the Dark Knight's recent conflict with the Court, the only Talon who ever managed to escape their control is returning to Gotham with a mind to free himself of the secret society once and for all. Yet though they may have been weakened by conflict, the Court of Owls is far from defeated. Does this rogue Talon have what it takes to confront his old masters and earn his freedom... or will he end his days as just another victim of the Court's many lethal living weapons?

The highly anticipated spinoff born of the best-selling Night of the Owls event joins the ranks of ongoing titles in DC's New 52! Look for Talon #1, on sale this coming Wednesday October 24 at Curious Comics!

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