Thursday, November 1, 2012

Doctor Who Card Game

The Dalek fleet sweeps from star to star, crushing all that lies before them. The Cybermen infiltrate human cities and forcefully upgrade their inhabitants, adding to their own unfeeling armies. The Sontarans pursue ultimate victory in their centuries-long conflict with the Rutan Host, making no allowance for the innocents who might get caught in the crossfire. The universe is full of ancient horrors, superpowered maniacs, merciless alien armadas -- but hope is not lost. Across a thousand galaxies, tales are told of a mysterious wanderer in time and space who appears from nowhere to defend the victims of these wars... to stand up against the unstoppable... and to show everyone just how cool bowties really are!

Bring all the excitement and adventure of a trip in the TARDIS to your gaming night with the brand new Doctor Who Card Game, available now at Curious Comics!

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