Friday, November 2, 2012

Domo Auto Decal & Square Antenna Topper

Deck out your car Domo-style with these awesome new accessories for your automobile! First, mark your chosen mode of transport as the personal property of Domo with this vinyl Auto Decal; and then, erase all possibility of losing your car in the supermarket parking lot ever again with the Domo Square Antenna Topper! The Decal applies to any smooth surface and the Antenna Topper comes with a magnet backing to allow for double duty as a fridge magnet, so even the automobile-impaired have compelling reasons to add these to their Domo collections.

Can Domo-kun even drive a car? Maybe not. Does that even matter? Of course not! Get your Domo Auto Decal and Square Antenna Topper at Curious Comics while they last!

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