Friday, November 9, 2012

Enter the Dungeon!

Prepare for a perilous journey into a hidden subterranean world of monsters and nightmares! Here, goblins are on the prowl, pouncing on unwary explorers. Kobolds lurk around every corner, preparing their next ambush. Drow stalk the dank stone passageways, patrolling for any trespassers in their realm. And in the deepest reaches of the catacombs, the Red Dragon, the most dangerous opponent of all, is waiting to crush any adventurer foolish enough to challenge her!

Choose your hero, grab your dice and get ready for action! Sprint through dark and dangerous passageways, confront the horrible creatures beneath the surface and claim whatever treasures they protect. The first hero to gather enough treasure and get out alive will earn fame and eternal glory... as the one who conquered the Dungeon!

The classic board game of fantasy adventure returns! Get your game on with the Dungeons & Dragons: Dungeon! Board Game, on sale now at Curious Comics!

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