Monday, November 19, 2012

Judge Dredd #1

The future is a terrible place to live. On any given day the four hundred million residents of Mega-City One might see Block Wars, horrors rising from the contaminated Undercity, mutants fleeing the radioactive Cursed Earth, or an invasion by ruthless other-dimensional superfiends. On top of all that, democracy is outlawed, unemployment is rampant, resources are scarce -- and every single citizen is a crime waiting to happen.

The only thing keeping these people from tearing each other apart is the Justice Department and their highly trained army of Judges. Keeping the peace in the most dangerous metropolis on Earth is a tall order -- but there is one legendary lawman who has spent decades proving he's equal to the task. He's seen everything... faced the worst his city has to offer... and he's crushed it beneath his kevlar-reinforced bootheel. He is Judge Dredd -- and he is the Law in Mega-City One!

This week, the 22nd century's most famous lawman makes the jump to IDW for the beginning of an all-new ongoing monthly series! Be sure to get your copy of Judge Dredd #1 this coming Wednesday at Curious Comics... missing out would be criminal!

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