Saturday, November 10, 2012

Smurfs Volume 13: Smurf Soup

The human wizard Gargamel has a Smurf problem. He has been confounded, defeated and humiliated by the little blue creatures living deep in the forest more times than he can count -- yet, despite his best efforts to extract his revenge, all of Gargamel's plans, plots and schemes have failed miserably. So when he stumbles across a hungry giant with more muscle than brains, Gargamel seizes his chance -- convincing the behemoth that what he would really like to eat... is Smurfs! With the ravenous giant bearing down on their village, can Papa Smurf cook up a plan to safe his Smurfs in time?

Look for the latest smurftastic release in Peyo's classic Smurfs comic collection with Volume 13: Smurf Soup, on smurf now at Curious Comics!

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