Sunday, November 18, 2012

Walking Dead Volume 17: Something to Fear TP

The world we know has been swept away... and it has been replaced by an apocalyptic land of hungry undead. But for all the horror visited upon the living by the zombie hordes, more dangerous still are those human survivors who have seen an opportunity for power in the collapse of civilization.

No one knows this better than former police officer Rick Grimes. Even though he and the rest of his band of travelers have tried to settle down and build new lives for themselves in the safety of the walled Community, they are all still carrying the scars they earned under the murderous Governor's bloody reign. But some lessons must be re-learned, and Rick and those dearest to him are about to be reminded that in this terrible world, the walking dead are not the only things they should fear...

The wait is over! Catch up with the end of the world in Walking Dead Volume 17: Something to Fear TP, out this coming Wednesday at Curious Comics!

Also, don't forget: if you want to zombify your iPad, iPhone, mobile device or home computer, all 6 chapters of Something to Fear are available for purchase on the Curious Comics Digital Store!

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