Saturday, December 1, 2012

3012 Deck Building Game

When the Mayan long-count calendar came to an end on December 21 2012, the modern world was swept away in fire and chaos -- and in its place a New Cycle began, ushering in a terrifying reality dominated by monsters, spirits, abominations and gods. In desperation, humanity's survivors retreated into the tropical forests and pledged themselves to the service of ancient deities... and, after the passage of a thousand years, only those warriors able to prove themselves can earn the favour of those gods and rule over the unforgiving world of 3012!

In the 3012 Deck Building Game, players are challenged to scout the depths of a mysterious new Yucatan jungle, use gold to acquire allies and weapons, and send their bravest warriors to face the bizarre beasts lurking in the wild... all in a quest to dominate this feral post-apocalyptic landscape! Combining a unique setting with clever new mechanics and atmospheric game design, the 3012 Deck Building Game is the perfect way for your gaming group to get through those long hours down in the fallout shelter, waiting for the end of the world to arrive on December 21 2012. Get yours now at Curious Comics!

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