Friday, December 21, 2012

Dark Knight Returns Action Figure Set

A city overrun by crime. A madman, locked away in an asylum for years. An idealistic hero forced to make terrible compromises. A young girl looking for a way to make a difference... and an uncompromising vigilante driven out of retirement to face his demons! The genre-defining Dark Knight Returns miniseries reimagined the guardian of Gotham City – as well as his enemies and former allies – for a grim new era, inspiring a generation of creators, a blockbuster animated adaptation, and this series of best-selling art-accurate DC Direct action figures!

Guaranteed to raise the grit quotient of your figure collection! Look for the Dark Knight Returns Action Figure Set – featuring Frank Miller's versions of Batman, Robin, Superman and the Joker, all contained in one handy package – out now at Curious Comics!

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