Sunday, December 2, 2012

Hellboy in Hell #1

After the startling climax of The Storm and the Fury, Hellboy is about to embark on a journey unlike anything he's ever faced -- one that will bring the world's most famous paranormal investigator full circle, back to where he came from before eldritch magics summoned him to Earth in 1944. Yet not every denizen of the underworld is pleased to see him. Some are out for his blood; still others are wondering if he has come home to claim his rightful throne. Hellboy has more than a few relatives lurking down here too... and who knows how they will react to the unexpected return of this prodigal son?

Prepare for unexpected twists, surprising secrets and -- of course -- brutal monster-bashing like only Hellboy can deliver! Don't miss the first chapter in Hellboy's new adventures as creator Mike Mignola returns to deliver both art and story in Hellboy in Hell #1, on sale this coming Wednesday December 5 at Curious Comics!

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