Monday, December 17, 2012

Wonder Woman #15

Once, they were counted among the most powerful beings in the cosmos -- and the only force capable of defending the universe against Darkseid, despotic ruler of nightmarish Apokalips, and the merciless hordes at his command. Yet, mighty as they were, their civilization was swept away in conflict and chaos before the multiverse was reborn as fifty two parallel realities. Now, one of their greatest heroes has risen from the ashes -- but is this really the same champion of New Genesis who once lost his life trying to save a universe?

More than a year after Darkseid appeared in the pages of Justice League, it looks like the rest of Jack Kirby's irreplaceable New Gods are arriving in the New 52 at long last! Don't be left behind -- get your copy of Wonder Woman #15 when it goes on sale at Curious Comics this coming Wednesday December 19!

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