Friday, January 11, 2013

Spider-Man: Ends of the Earth TP

Doctor Otto Octavius is nearing the end of his life... and as he faces his final days, he convinces the world he is ready to mend his ways, repair the damage visited upon the planet's atmosphere by human industrialization, and salvage what's left of his reputation as a scientist while he still can. International governments welcome Octavius' seeming determination to abandon his criminal career -- but Spider-Man smells a rat. Can your friendly neighbourhood wallcrawler uncover Doctor Octopus' true goals before it's too late?

The build-up to one of the most controversial stories in Marvel Comics' history begins here! Get the story leading in to the astonishing twist ending to Amazing Spider-Man #700 and the new must-read Superior Spider-Man series with Spider-Man: Ends of the Earth TP, out now at Curious Comics!

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