Monday, February 18, 2013

Hellblazer #300

You are invited to attend a wake unlike any you've ever seen before, as Vertigo's longest-running series publishes its final issue. He has been to Hell and back, lost battles and been wounded as many times as he's achieved victory against the strange and macabre forces hidden behind the walls of the world... and now John Constantine, bane of demons, punching-bag of life, is calling it a day.

Created by Alan Moore in the pages of his groundbreaking Swamp Thing series and boasting work by some of the comics industry's most talented creators -- including Neil Gaiman, Warren Ellis, Garth Ennis, Brian Azzarello, Grant Morrison, Eddie Campbell, David Lloyd, Simon Bisley, Dave McKean, Brian Talbot, Paul Jenkins, Mike Carey and this issue's Peter Milligan -- the long, strange story of John Constantine comes to a close with the release of this week's landmark Hellblazer #300. Be there as John lights up for the final time... reserve your copy of Hellblazer #300 before it goes on sale this coming Wednesday February 20.


Hell said...
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Hell said...

Hey what about Jamie Delano? HE wrote the first 40 issues and essentially made him into what he is; not to mention he was the best Hellblazer writer. His name should be right directly after Alan Moore!

Curious Comics said...

That's true. Jamie Delano is a terrific writer -- I loved his recent 'Narcopolis' & 'Rawbone' series -- and I wouldn't like to think of John Constantine without his creative contribution. I could have listed every single writer HB has ever had here... they are all stars!

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